Béton Cowansville (1989) Inc. Is opened by Jacqueline Malo & Jean W. Lamarche with a manual concrete plant.


The accounting is computerized.


A new, entirely automatic plant is installed resulting in higher productivity. To ensure consistency in the quantities of primary materials: cement powder, sand, stone, water and adjuvants, a Marcotte computer system is installed to manage the recipes of the various types of concrete.


The construction of a new office to receive clients.


The construction of a building over the plant to help with production in the cold season. The Qualibéton 9000 standards are brought into the business.


The purchase of a concrete pump with a boom of 38 meters to respond to the needs of certain contracts.


The construction of a warehouse to keep our primary materials heated. The purchase of a new concrete pump with a boom of 28 meters.


The purchase of a concrete line pump for floors.


The purchase of a recycler for concrete in an effort to be more ecological.

During all this time, the four children of the couple grow up and start working first part-time during their studies and full-time once their studies are completed. Jean and Jacqueline have passed on their experience and expertise in the domain down to their children. This is what makes us a true family business.


Lamarche family. From left to right Hugo, Nancy, Jean, Jacqueline, David and bottom Sonia